About Us

Since 1963, that we are dedicated exclusively to the manufacturing and restoration of barber chairs.

All details and materials used are meticulously prepared, since the design to the stitching, in order to provide comfort and efficiency creating an experience of excellence, where uniqueness and elegance are key features.

Every chair is manufactured by masters of the craft, by hand, with the best selected materials in the market. We do it with passion to provide a high-quality equipment, being that our MISSION & VISION.

FIND OUT more, and discover what Performance and Design mean to us!



Performance and Design

Keeping up with all the current trends, our designs are modern, elegant, efficient and innovative, always maintaining the tradition and therefore elevating the performance of each barber chair that we create.



High Quality Materials

Each material used is handpicked, to comply with several high-quality criteria and to ensure that the final product achieves a high level of performance, efficiency and perfection.

Discover our Models

We have a wide range of models.

All of them can be customized and adapted to your business.

Vintage, Classic, Confort, Elegance and Kids models, get in touch to discover them.



All VIP Barber Chairs are customizable.

Print your logo, mix and match colors and materials to meet your style and brand.

Create a unique and exclusive environment to your business.


Our specialized team will accompany and guide you through the entire process, to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

We also provide support and technical advice, as well as spare parts, restoration and repair service.


All VIP Barber Chairs products are guaranteed for 3 years against mechanical and manufacturing defects.